Small islands are both fragile and unique. As they are at the forefront of global changes, they accumulate many issues: limited resources, biological diversity needing protection, pressures associated to human activities... These are issues which can possibly have pragmatic and effective solutions making small islands pioneers of more sustainable development.

Small Islands Organisation (SMILO) international program's objective is to support islands of less than 150 km² who want to structure and federate measures to better manage resources and biodiversity. This approach is materialised through a labelling process, providing international recognition for areas who are committed to human development which is compatible with the environment. The development phase of the program (2017-2021) is intended to support 18 small islands located in West Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Mediterranean.

Backed by the SMILO association with the support of the Conservatoire du Littoral, this approach has the support of many international key-players involved in island and the coastal protection, such as the French Facility for Global Environment, Global Island Partnership and the France-Italy Interreg Maritime program 2014-2020, the French Environment Ministry, the Rhône Mediterranean and Corsican Water Agency, the City of Marseille and the Global Islands Partnership.


  • Capitalising and sharing good practices
  • International cooperation through exchange of knowledge and know-how, involving experts...
  • International highlighting, through major meetings and events
  • Providing access to the Islands Fund to support innovative sustainable land management measures


On a local level

  • Identifying the island’s progression in terms of resource management
  • Support for technical upgrading
  • Recognition of the key-players’ commitment
  • Strengthening of management capacities: lobbying, reporting, innovative funding
  • General public awareness

On an international level

  • Capitalising on management measures that can be replicated in other areas
  • Concrete contribution to ecological transition and sustainable management of resources, in line with international conventions


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Biodiversity & ecosystems

Freshwater and sanitation

Landscapes and cultural heritage



détails sur l'eau douce et l'assainissement détails sur l'énergie Les problèmes de gestion des déchets, et notamment de la pollution plastique (macro et micro), se manifestent de façon plus aiguë sur les îles détails sur les paysages


The Assessment Committee is composed of 10 qualified personalities, representative of SMILO program themes of interest (Water, Energy, Waste, Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems, Landscapes, Governance and Human Activities). These members, called Reporters, were approached by SMILO Administrative Council for their skills and experiences. Coming from all around the world, Reporters meet at least once a year in person to carry out the ongoing intermediate and final assessments. In this context, they issue a common opinion, after study of applications, which they transmit to the Administrative Council, the only decision-makers of Label granting. They are all independent, non-adherents to the NGO and sign a cooperation convention defining their role within SMILO NGO.



On the occasion of an intermediate or final Assessment, the Assessment Committee mobilizes one of its members (a Reporter) directly on the candidate island. The latter checks in situ the conformity of all labelling steps preceding the assessment. Available and open-minded, Reporter’s role goes beyond a simple review of required minima. He/She can advise and carry the island, via its Island Committee, to modifications of its project for more consistency with objectives of achieving Sustainable Island Label.


INTERNSHIP - Islands Sustainable Development


Focus areas: Sustainable development, Environmental and Island Territorial Management, International Relations
Functions: Project Management / Development / Communications
Expected starting date: March 2020
Type of contract: internship, only for University students, 1st or 2nd year of Master
Duration: 6 months
Location: Aix-en-Provence (South of France)
Closing date: February 7, 2020

Applicants are invited to send their application per email to before February 7, 2020, midnight, French time. Applications sent after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Documents to download: ToR Internship - Islands Sustainable Development

SMILO Team, called Secreteriat, is always available to reply to any question you may have, partnership proposals, projects and ideas, or if you wish to join our network.

  Sylvain Petit

Sylvain Petit, Executive Secretary
Sylvain holds a Master's degree in Economics and Geography. After working in the fields of tourism, coastal planning, and nature conservation, Sylvain is now mostly dedicated to small islands. While he officially joined our team in June as Executive Secretary, he was part of the initiative from the very beginning, working as a facilitator and member of the Board of Directors. This Franco-Croatian previously lived on the Adriatic coast for 7 years, in the city of Split, where he was responsible for ICZM projects and initiatives implementation with the UN Environment Mediterranean Action Program (PAP/RAC). Sylvain quickly fell in love with Croatian islands. From the island of Vancouver to Crete via Sardinia, he is a convinced and passionate islander.

Domitille Le Huede 

Domitille Le Huédé, Project Manager
Domitille joined SMILO team as a Project Officer at the beginning of the year. She graduated with a Master’s degree in International Development and Environment Project Management from Sciences Po Paris. She previously worked in Samoa Islands within the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), where she supported South Pacific Small Islands Developing States in marine biodiversity conservation projects. She then worked at the Pacific Office of the French MPA Agency, before moving to South of France to work for the Conservatoire du littoral International Delegation, where she was already supporting SMILO. She first discovered her passion for islands when she started sailing around Brittany islands, then in Indonesia where she lived one year.

SMILO team 

Marta Ferretti, Project Manager
Marta joined the team in April as our new Project Officer. She holds a MSc in International Relations with a specialisation in Environmental Politics from the London School of Economics (LSE). She also holds a Master's degree in European and International Law from the University of Geneva. Marta previously worked in London for a communications & advocacy consultancy specialised in the environment, where she focused on nature-based solutions and sustainable agriculture and forest management. This native Italian later joined the UN in Rome, working on issues related to climate change and food security, and partnerships building at the World Food Programme (UN WFP). She is a firm believer of the leading role that islands can play for the planet global conservation.

Photo Claire Mignet HD Couleur 2

Claire Mignet, Project Manager                                                                           
Claire is responsible for the operational implementation of the partnership between SMILO and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation on the sustainable management of waste on small Mediterranean islands. She is an engineer specialised in Urban and Environmental engineering, with over 20 years of experience in the development of territorial programs with an environmental focus. During her last 6-year mission with Port-Cros National Park, she facilitated the engagement of Hyères islands in various sustainable development projects. She is also the director of the "Shared Mediterranean Conservatory" association, which aims to preserve and enhance cultivated biodiversity of the Mediterranean.

Sylvain, Domitille and Marta welcome you in the SMILO community!

The associated facilitators and experts are the resource people involved in the SMILO approach to support islands in their process towards progress.

Facilitators support the island throughout all the labelling stages.

To know more about the facilitator, click to the following link :

Feuille de route
Roadmap facilitatore
Roteiro mediador
Facilitator roadmap

Experts provide technical support in relation to the program’s various topics in order to deal with the island’s issues.

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To join SMILO, please fill out the application form and sign the Sustainable Island Declaration available here below:

Membership SMILO

Sustainable Island Declaration

The NGO statutes and rules of procedure are available for information here below: 


Rules of procedures

The NGO Small Islands Organisation (SMILO) was officially established on December 7, 2016.

Its aim is to carry out projects that actively contribute to a better balance between human development and the management of resources on islands. It operates mainly on small islands (< 150 km2) around the planet using various methods (promoting good practices and innovative solutions, networking and cooperation between peers, technical and institutional support, investments and certification).

The NGO will help to initiate integrated territorial projects, in collaboration with all the stakeholders on the following themes: water, energy, waste, terrestrial and marine biodiversity and ecosystems, landscapes, cultural and socio-economic development and land-use planning.

SMILO network consists of several entities:

  • the islands, whether they are partners, or candidates or recipients of the label
  • the association with its general assembly, its board of directors, its bureau and its technical office in charge of supporting and developing the SMILO program
  • the pool of experts/facilitators who bring their technical support to the Islands
  • the assessment committee whose aim is to give its opinion for each of the islands to obtain the label

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General Assembly

The General Assembly deliberates on the association’s policies, and is composed of the following members:
  • Founding members

People who created the NGO, guarantors of the objectives and ethics that are at its origin. They are ex-officio members of the Council Administration.

  • Representatives of the Island Committees

These are individuals who have been designated by the Island Committee that they represent. An island Committee is represented by one single person that can sit on the college of the Island Committee representatives.

  • Island life contributors

Those considered island life contributors are any person - or legal entity - who actively participate in the life of the island and meet the SMILO definition. They can be an Island Committee member.

  • Institution and network representatives

These are representatives of institutions and networks involved in the development of SMILO general objectives.

  • Qualified individuals

Those considered as qualified are people providing specific skills, in relation to the island and the issues they may encounter, to help the association.

In addition, any other person - moral or physical - interested in the object of the NGO may have the quality of :

- sympathizer, in the absence of donation

- benefactor, in case of donation

This status allows privileged acess to SMILO events and ressources. On the other hand, it does not confer the right to vote on the assembly. 

Board of Directors

The Board’s objective is to implement the General Assembly’s decisions, to organise and coordinate the life of the association within the framework set by the statutes and the rules of procedure.

The Board of Directors is composed of representatives of the following colleges:

  • Founding members

Maxime Prodromides
Roger Estève
Sylvain Petit
Fabrice Bernard

  • Island Committee representatives

Tatienne BE - représentante du comité insulaire de la Mer d'Emeraude (Madagascar)
Tommy Melo - représentant du comité insulaire de Santa Luzia (Cap-Vert)

  • Island life contributors

La Commune de Gorée représentée par Annie Jouga
La Fondation SULUBAAI représentée par Frédéric Tardieu

  • Institutions and networks

PIM (Small Islands of the Mediterranean)
GLISPA (Global Islands Partnership)

  • Qualified individuals

Guillaume Thiériot (Facilitator, Bolama Island)
Antonio de Abreu (Facilitator, Principe Island)


The Bureau’s objective is to ensure the association’s day-to-day management and to prepare the Board of Directors meetings.

It is formed by:

  • Maxime PRODROMIDES, president
  • Tatienne Be, vice-president
  • Annie Jouga, vice-president
  • Roger ESTEVE, Treasurer
  • Antonio DE ABREU,Secretary


SMILO Secretariat is composed of two positions:
  • the Executive Secretary
  • three Project Officers


To find out more about the composition of the NGO, please click on the following link :



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Anna Lindh

 In 2019 we have joined the French Network of Anna Lindh Foundation
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