Waste management problems, particularly plastic pollution (macro and micro), are more acute on Islands because of their distance from the continents and geographical constraints. They lack land for storage as well as sufficient financial means and treatment facilities, as their critical size for profitability (financial and technical) is often incompatible with the amount of waste generated. Mismanagement of waste can generate health problems, as well as the degradation of soils, water, marine and terrestrial environments and landscape quality. It can also affect the attractiveness of the area and life on the island. Waste accumulation can also be aggravated by the influx of tourists to the Islands and seasonal variations.

Several islands stand out due to their initiatives of waste reduction at the source, whether it is waste deposited on land or coming from the sea. On remote islands far from the mainland, cheaper and less restrictive solutions are also implemented such as using small incinerators, organic waste composting, or re-using in cases where “circular economies” are implemented.



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