The Small Islands Organisation (SMILO) was officially established on December 7, 2016.
It is an association under the French law (1901 law) and works at the international level. 

It is composed of a representative body (the General Assembly, composed of 5 colleges), a decision-making body (the Board of Directors) whose members are elected by the General Assembly and represent the 5 colleges, a management body (the Bureau) and finally an operational body (the Secretariat). 

GOVERNANCE 2020 light 

General Assembly

The General Assembly deliberates on the association’s policies, and is composed of the following members:
  • Founding Members

Founding members are the people who created the NGO, and are the guarantors of its mission and objectives.

  • Representatives of the Island Committees

They are designated by the Island Committee to represent it. Each Island Committee is represented by one person who can vote as a member of the Island Committee Representatives college.

  • Island Life Contributors

Any person - or legal entity - who actively participates in the life of the island and meets SMILO's definition can site in this college. They can be an Island Committee member.

  • Institutions and Networks Representatives

They represent institutions and networks that are committed to SMILO's main objectives.

  • Qualified Individuals (Experts)

They offer voluntary expertise to islands and advise them on the issues they may face.

In addition, any other person or legal entity that is interested in SMILO's mission to support small islands sustainable development can be considered as a:

- sympathizer, in the absence of a donation

- benefactor, in case of a donation

This status allows privileged acess to SMILO events and ressources. It however does not confer the right to vote at the General Assembly. 

Board of Directors

The Board is responsible to implement the General Assembly’s decisions, to organise and coordinate the life of the association within the framework set by the statutes and the rules of procedure. The Board of Directors is composed of representatives of the following colleges:

  • Founding Members

Maxime Prodromides
Roger Estève
Sylvain Petit
Fabrice Bernard

  • Island Committee Representatives

Tatienne BE - Representative of the Emerald Sea Island Committee (Madagascar)
Silvana Monteiro - Representative of the Santa Luzia Island Committee (Cape Verde)

  • Island Life Contributors

Gorée Town Council, Represented by Annie Jouga
SULUBAAI Foundation, Represented by Frédéric Tardieu

  • Institutions and Networks

PIM Initiave (Small Islands of the Mediterranean)
GLISPA (Global Islands Partnership)

  • Qualified individuals (Experts)

Guillaume Thiériot (Facilitator, Bolama Island)
Antonio de Abreu (Facilitator, Principe Island)


The Bureau is responsible for the association’s day-to-day management and preparation of the Board of Directors meetings.

It is formed by:

  • Maxime PRODROMIDES, President
  • Tatienne Be, Vice-President
  • Annie Jouga, Vice-President
  • Roger ESTEVE, Treasurer
  • Antonio DE ABREU, Secretary


SMILO Secretariat implements the Board of Directors' decisions and follows the strategies adopted by the General Assembly. It is composed of:
  • the Executive Secretary
  • three Project Officers




Bastide Beaumanoir
3 rue Marcel Arnaud
13100 Aix en Provence
Tel. +33 (0)4 42 91 64 22

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