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In this unprecedented context of global health crisis, it is important for us to give to islands worldwide the opportunity to share their experience in facing Covid-19. This situation also reminds us all of the need to exchange ideas on current and future solutions in response to environmental issues that we all face and which the pandemic has reminded us of. 

For all these reasons, the Conservatoire du littoral, SMILO and the PIM initiative are once again joining forces to organise the 7th virtual edition of the international event CELEBRATE ISLANDS. It will take place from June 1 to 7, 2020.

CELEBRATE ISLANDS 2020 - Virtual edition

In light of the ongoing global health crisis which now requires everyone to take appropriate measures, the 7th edition will be entirely virtual. By giving the floor to the islands, CELEBRATE ISLANDS wishes to highlight their experiences in facing the pandemic, as well as their current and future solutions in response to environmental challenges.

Fostered by climate changes and resulting in part from the destruction of our ecosystems, this crisis underlines the importance of taking action to sustainably preserve our biodiversity and resources. Islands appear to be, more than ever, true pioneer sites: their innovations and experiments could be replicated over time on the continents and other isolated areas. Each year, islanders from archipelagos from all around the world come together to act for the preservation of their territory and heritage, and to encourage inhabitants and visitors to get involved in its preservation.

To celebrate our islands in 2020, we therefore call on all the islands for a virtual mobilisation, through short videos presenting the islands, their richness and solutions. CELEBRATE ISLANDS wishes to provide positive information in these difficult times, and to bring together islands’ stakeholders. A series of webinars will be organised during the whole week, in different languages, dedicated to the current and future issues that are specific to islands.

Tuesday 2 June  - 10 am - Spanish session

Tuesday 2 June  - 4 pm - Portuguese session

Wednesday 3 June - 11 am - Arab session

Wednesday 3 June  - 4 pm - English session

Thursday 4 June  - 10 am - Croatian session

Thursday 4 June - 2 pm - Italian session

Friday 5 June - 10 am - French session

The conclusions of the webinars of Celebrate Islands 2020 are now available!

Download it by clicking here.

Conclusions CI2020 EN



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French       English





1st Edition / 2014 Island biodiversity

2nd Edition / 2015 Islands sustainable development

3rd Edition / 2016 Small islands, pioner sites

4th Edition / 2017 Sustainable tourism

5th Edition / 2018 Water resources

6th Edition / 2019 History

7th Edition / 2020 Our solutions are on islands


CELEBRATE ISLANDS is an annual event co-organised by the Conservatoire du Littoral and the associations PIM and SMILO since 2014, which aims to highlight at the international level positive actions carried out by small islands. This initiative aims to jointly promote the measures that protect islands as well as the richness of these extraordinary territories and the necessity to protect them.



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