The goal of this project is to support the development of SMILO during its pilot phase. The support of the Rhône Mediterranean and Corsican Water Agency has allowed to develop a cooperation network bringing together the different key-players involved in the sustainable development of small islands. It also allows to test the tools and SMILO certification process on the pilot sites participating in the process. They are spread across several ecoregions/geographical areas, guaranteeing a greater level of representation, that present interconnecting issues for sustainable development. This project provides strategic and financial support, brings industry expertise and cross-functional skills to enrich the SMILO process.

Measures planned along 4 lines:

  • Support for the overall coordination of SMILO (strategy around 2020, institutional and public, communication...)
  • Compilation and enhancement of good practices that can be replicated on islands and coastal environments (worksheets, informational/tutorial videos...)
  • Enriching the SMILO network (website, conferences, training...)
  • Implementation of the labelling process and testing of relevance, social and institutional involvement and the impact on pilot sites (Mediterranean, Pacific - Philippines - and Indian Ocean - Madagascar).

With the support of: the Rhône Mediterranean and Corsican Water Agency

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Project partners: local and national communities, NGOs and private stakeholders of the following Areas: Zlarin Island (Croatia); Embiez Archipelago (France); Kerkennah Archipelago (Tunisia); Ua Pou Islands (French Polynesia); Pangatalan Island (Philippines)

Total project budget: € 267.141,00 (for the Conservatoire du littoral)


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