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Emerald Sea, Madagascar

Preservation of natural and landscape heritage



PARTNERS: University of Diego

THEMES: Ecosystems conservation

The University of Diego has started mapping coastal-marine ecosystems to establish an initial state of the environment, and identify the pressures and challenges on the site. The final objective is to provide management and development recommendations, in particular in view of the creation of a marine protected area in the Emerald Sea. The project will enable the Island Committee of the Emerald Sea to improve the site agents’ autonomy and monitoring capacities, thanks to the purchase of an adapted motor boat and safety tools, as well as a staff monitoring and safety training.


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Ibo,  Mozambique

Irrigation and sustainable agriculture



PARTNERS: Oïkos association, local Goverment

THEMES: Agriculture, water and sanitation

Following the destruction of part of the island by Cyclone Kenneth in April 2019, the situation on the island has deteriorated. A series of attacks by armed groups in the Pemba region resulted in the displacement of people to Ibo. The increase of population on the island and the cyclone impacts have created additional pressure on the island's natural resources and increased food insecurity. The Islands Fund is supporting the establishment of a crop irrigation system that aims to strengthen the resilience of agricultural activities on the island. It will contribute to developing sustainable agricultural techniques for the population’s benefit. The project will be implemented by the Oikos association in partnership with the local government.



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Príncipe, São Tomé and Príncipe

Local management of organic waste

TOTAL BUDGET: €100,000


DURATION: January 2020-January 2021

PARTNERS: autonomous regional government of Principe, Principe Biosphere Reserve, CEIDA (Galician Environmental Education Centre), Municipality of Pontevedra (Spain)


The island of Principe does not have a waste management system. This project aims to foster a circular economy, by processing organic waste locally and on a small scale. The Islands Fund is being used to set up a pilot system for collecting, processing and reusing organic waste in Santo Antonio, the main town on the island of Principe. Three local technicians will receive training to become Master Composters. Five collective composting centres will be set up in urban areas of Santo Antonio and 150 individual composters will be distributed around the outskirts. Purchasing a shredder will make it possible to process green waste. A training and awareness campaign must be organised for those who will receive collective and individual composters. The intention is to replicate this pilot project throughout the island and on other small islands. It is co-funded by CEIDA (Galician Environmental Education Centre) and the municipality of Pontevedra in Spain.

SantaLuzia © Céline Damery 

Santa Luzia, Cap Vert

Gestion de l’eau et des déchets

ISLANDS FUND: €40,000 (€14,455 and €26,246)

DURATION: August 2020 - 

PARTNERS: Biosfera NGO, Amigos de Calhau NGO

THEMES: water, waste management

The island of Santa Luzia is supported by the Islands Fund for two projects carried out by two local associations: the NGO Biosfera (association for the conservation of biodiversity) and the NGO Amigos do Calhau (fishermen association).


The project led by the NGO Biosfera will test a new local sanitation system for the island's toilets, and will help improve the treatment of plastic macro-waste from the oceans that impact the island's biodiversity.


The project led by the NGO Amigos do Calhau will help purchasing a desalination system and will install removable shelters to facilitate turtle conservation campaigns.

Principe mangroves

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Príncipe, São Tomé and Príncipe

Community conservation of mangroves

ISLANDS FUND: €46,000 


PARTNERS: Regional Government, Department of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Príncipe

THEME: Ecosystem conservation

Príncipe has 3 mangrove habitat sites, located in Praia Salgada, Praia Caixão and Praia Grande. The Islands Fund supports the development of an action plan for the conservation of the 3 sites. It will also implement a pilot project at the Salgada site with mangroves community management by developing ecotourism and educational activities. The project will be implemented by the Regional Government and the Department of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of the island.


 Gorée, Senegal

Improved water and waste management


DURATION: January 2020-January 2021

PARTNERS: Gorée Tourism Board (SITG), Gorée Town Council

THEMES: Water and waste

The island of Gorée is working on improving its waste management. The pipes in its sanitation system are old, and all wastewater is discharged directly into the sea without being processed. This causes major pollution problems both on land and in the sea, and increases the risk of infectious diseases spreading. The island also has to cope with restricted water availability, which calls for efforts to use water in a rational manner. Gorée’s tourism authority (SITG) is responsible for implementing this multi-stranded project.


The project contains several initiatives in the field of water management, including restoring rainwater collection infrastructures and carrying out a feasibility study on repairing rainwater storage facilities. Revamping a block of five public toilets in Mbambara will go some way to enhancing sanitation on the island.


The SITG intends to buy a shredder to improve the management of green waste, and its composting platform and processes are to be assessed and upgraded. A strategy for managing special and dangerous waste will also be put in place. Finally, environmental education initiatives are planned for the island’s youngsters.



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