Gorée, Senegal

Improved water and waste management


DURATION: January 2020-January 2021

PARTNERS: Gorée Tourism Board (SITG), Gorée Town Council

THEMES: Water and waste

The island of Gorée is working on improving its waste management. The pipes in its sanitation system are old, and all wastewater is discharged directly into the sea without being processed. This causes major pollution problems both on land and in the sea, and increases the risk of infectious diseases spreading. The island also has to cope with restricted water availability, which calls for efforts to use water in a rational manner. Gorée’s tourism authority (SITG) is responsible for implementing this multi-stranded project.


The project contains several initiatives in the field of water management, including restoring rainwater collection infrastructures and carrying out a feasibility study on repairing rainwater storage facilities. Revamping a block of five public toilets in Mbambara will go some way to enhancing sanitation on the island.


The SITG intends to buy a shredder to improve the management of green waste, and its composting platform and processes are to be assessed and upgraded. A strategy for managing special and dangerous waste will also be put in place. Finally, environmental education initiatives are planned for the island’s youngsters.



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