Project "Sustainable Small Islands Initiative - implementing an international approach for sustainable small island management and biodiversity protection"

This project supports the development of SMILO during its pilot phase. Its supports SMILO initiatives until June 2021, notably in terms of the resources small islands need to move closer to their certification goals. The support provided reinforces islands’ technical and financial capacities in the fields of water, energy, waste, biodiversity, landscapes and governance. The FFEM Small Sustainable Islands
project also supports SMILO’s Islands Fund, which finances concrete, priority operations in light of a diagnosis of the territory in question. This project is co-managed by SMILO and the Conservatoire du littoral.

With the support of: the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), the Rhône Mediterranean and Corsican Water Agency and the City of Marseille.



Project partners: national and local communities, NGOs and private stakeholders of the following territories: Ibo Island, Quirimbas Archipelago (Mozambique), Islands of the Emerald Sea (Madagascar), Bolama Island, Bijagos Archipelago (Guinea Bissau), Gorée Island (Senegal), Principe Island (Sao Tome & Principe), Santa Luzia Island (Cape Verde); Mediterranean (excluding France): Kerkennah Archipelago (Tunisia), Tavolara Island, Cavoli Island, Capraia Island, Palmaria Island (Italy), Sazani Island (Albania), Zlarin Island (Croatia).

Project budget: € 7,708,500 which includes € 1,650,000 from the FFEM (for the Conservatoire du littoral and the NGO SMILO).

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