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The SERIOUS GAME "SUSTAINABLE ISLANDS" is a simplified and fun application of the labelling process developed by SMILO. It’s a role-playing game that simulates the process of a collaborative planning and governance on an island. The aim for the players is to build a coherent project to achieve a common objective (obtain the Sustainable Island label). To do so, they will aim to reach at the same time the individual objectives of the fictional characters they play.

In addition to the basic game, the SERIOUS GAME "SUSTAINABLE ISLANDS" also offers three extensions to go further in the discovery of island territorial planning: the BUDGET extension, the EVENT extension and the COOPERATION extension.

This Serious Game also tests and increases the players’ knowledge on sustainable development, and offers a dynamic environment to foster exchanges among the players. It’s an ideal tool to animate and host meetings, trainings and workshops.


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Download all the tools to start playing! 
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1. Diagnostic grid

Budget Monitoring

2. Actions grid 

Maps Draft

3. Planning grid 

Game Rules

4. Assessment grid 



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You will find in this section all documents related to SMILO certificaiton scheme, the Islands Journal as well as general documentation on islands.

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