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All islands have previously worked on the sustainable management of their natural resources, their biodiversity or their landscapes, even before integrating SMILO. So this bank of good practices’ objective is to promote these innovative management examples on islands, whether they have been carried out before or during the SMILO process. This database is not exhaustive and will therefore be completed over the years. It includes specific examples on islands in the SMILO network, but also on islands over 150 km2 or on non-island territories with similar issues, such as isolated coastal areas.

The following factsheets are intended for island administrators, they include experience and advice from other administrators and professionals. The point of these factsheets will be to serve as inspiration and support for exchanges between different islands. Therefore, different factsheets are available: technical factsheets describing techniques such as the installation of seawater desalination units, and socio-political factsheets, describing decision or support structures or measures, such as assistance to individual composting measures. Additionally, each factsheet includes the reference person’s contact details for more information.

This bank includes factsheets on the sustainable management of water, energy, waste, biodiversity, landscapes and good governing practices. Finally, administrators can enrich this bank by completing new factsheets themselves to promote the measures implemented on their island.

Technical documents apply to all documents produced under the SMILO program


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