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SMILO Label helps to recognise islands involved in a continuous improvement process which includes several steps:

  • establishing an Island Committee that represents all the stakeholders of the area
  • adhering to the SMILO philosophy and committing to the labelling process
  • developing a territory diagnosis as well as defining the island’s issues and priorities
  • assessing its interim condition to identify efforts already provided by the island as well as its commitment in the process
  • implementing measures that contribute to achieving the island’s priority objectives
  • carrying out a final assessment to obtain the label
  • maintaining efforts to improve the sustainability of the area and to keep the label

Throughout this process, several tools are available to the islands:

  • strategic and technical support is provided through the availability of experts/facilitators, and good practice sheets, and by participating in technical workshops and inter-island meetings
  • when eligible (criteria depending on the project), they can have access to the Islands Fund in order to finance measures to achieve priority objectives

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Creation of the Island Committee

Sustainable Islands Declaration signing

Cooperation Agreement signing

Creating the island’s diagnosis and strategic plan

Intermediary assessment

Operation implementation

Achieving priority objectives

Final assessment

The label



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