The diagnosis and strategic plan are key steps in the territorial process, both for setting up operations that will allow to establish sustainable practices that will lead to the labelling of the island but also in terms of leading to a shared assessment between the key-players of the island Committee. The territorial approach should be inclusive of key-players, human activities and terrestrial and marine issues...

Creating the island’s diagnosis and strategic plan allows to:

  • make an objective and shared assessment of human practices and activities and of island resource management
  • measure the margins of progress to work towards a better balance between human development and island resource management.
  • Set strategic objectives to achieve in order to get international recognition for the island - Sustainable Island Label.

An instruction notice is available to help islands create their diagnosis and define their strategic plan, it can be filled out in the form of a grid. SMILO strategic principles have also been developed to guide islands in the definition of their objectives.


To know more about the diagnosis and strategic plan, click into the following links for the explanatory note :

Explanatory note for developing the island’s diagnosis and defining its strategic plan
Notice explicative pour élaborer le diagnostic de l’île et définir son plan stratégique
Guida esplicativa per l’elaborazione della diagnosi dell’isola e la definizione del piano strategico
Nota explicativa para elaboração do diagnóstico da ilha e definir o seu plano estratégico

To fill your diagnosis and strategic plan, please fill the grid below : 

Grid to develop the island's diagnoses and define its strategic plan
Grille pour élaborer le diagnostique de l'île et définir son plan strategique
Tabella per l'elaborazione delle diagnosi dell'isola e la definizione del piano strategico
Grelha para elaboraçao do diagnostico de ilha e definiçao dseu plano estrategico

The strategic principles and thematics orientations are available with the following links :

Strategic principles 
Principes stratégiques 
Principi strategici 
Princípios estratégicos 



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