The Assessment Committee is composed of 10 qualified personalities, representative of SMILO program themes of interest (Water, Energy, Waste, Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems, Landscapes, Governance and Human Activities). These members, called Reporters, were approached by SMILO Administrative Council for their skills and experiences. Coming from all around the world, Reporters meet at least once a year in person to carry out the ongoing intermediate and final assessments. In this context, they issue a common opinion, after study of applications, which they transmit to the Administrative Council, the only decision-makers of Label granting. They are all independent, non-adherents to the NGO and sign a cooperation convention defining their role within SMILO NGO.



On the occasion of an intermediate or final Assessment, the Assessment Committee mobilizes one of its members (a Reporter) directly on the candidate island. The latter checks in situ the conformity of all labelling steps preceding the assessment. Available and open-minded, Reporter’s role goes beyond a simple review of required minima. He/She can advise and carry the island, via its Island Committee, to modifications of its project for more consistency with objectives of achieving Sustainable Island Label.




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